Allow for Blended POV with % Inputs

In Article Writer, for POV, allow input for percentage inputs of usage for each specific POV, enabling the user to have blended POVs.

For example:

Point of View:

  • Automatic

  • Manual

(Let's say I select manual)

Set Percent Usage:

  • First Person __ %

  • First Person Plural 20 %

  • Second Person 80 %

  • Third Person __%

    (Total must be 100%)

The above rules would force the AI to blend POVs in article writer. That could be a useful way to have the AI include examples of firsthand experience in a predominantly second-person article, which the user could then edit to match to their own experiences.

I know a global prompt option is in progress as well, so perhaps that would make this possible. If not, this would be a great feature addition.

Even better, include the percent allocation option in "Brand Voice" settings to be applied globally to all posts generated through the article writer.

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About 1 month ago

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