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Hello Ryan & the team, I am writing an article about how to follow a yeast free diet using your amazing article writing tool. It generated links as I asked it too. However certain links are irrelevant since I am in the UK I would have preferred some of the links to be UK based. Such as places to go for testing, my UK readers wouldn’t go to America for testing as the link suggested. Nor would a link to find the best places to eat for yeast intolerances in USA be overly helpful. It would be great if the was an option to include your own countries information and useful tips/links/advice that were availble on the NHS as that is our primary healthcare system. I just thought I would mention that as many of the links provided if not all of them are indeed from America including recipes which yes can be adapted and yes I can seperatley search for those on the internet. But I think this could be a useful addition especially since your subsribers are not all based in America. I will end this message by saying your website and your training has been super helpful in moving my blog and traffic forward and its a tool that I literally cannot live without. So thank you for everything that you all do and keep doing it!!


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